Traveling to Chicago Clerkships Orientation Meeting

Chicago Clerkships offers new clients an orientation meeting on Sunday afternoons at their Logan Square office on the North Side of Chicago. The orientation is mandatory for IMG doctors who are participating in a clerkship for the first time.

Traveling to Chicago Clerkships Orientation Meeting

From our house, the best way to get to the north side is by taking the 53a CTA bus on Pulaski Ave north to the Orange Line. Because it is a Sunday, the 53a bus line has a limited timetable and less buses running. The first bus available leaves the 111th and Pulaski stop going northbound at 9:20 am and only once every 21 minutes after that. To catch the 53a South Pulaski bus traveling northbound you need to head south on Tripp Ave. to 111th street. Turn left, going east toward Pulaski Ave. Turn right on Pulaski Ave. (You must cross Pulaski Ave for the northbound bus). Your north bound bus stop is at the southeast corner of the intersection. You’re taking the 53a bus north towards 31st Street. It’s about a 30 minute ride.

traveling to chicago clerkships orientation from our homestay location.You will exit at the Pulaski Orange Line Station. Buy a train ticket for the Pulaski Orange Line to the Loop. The ride is approximately 30 minutes.

Once in the Loop take the Blue Line Train toward O’Hare Airport. This is about a 15 minute ride. You will exit the blue line train at Logan Square.

Walk northwest on North Milwaukee Ave toward North Sawyer Ave. The orientation building will be on the right hand side about 3 blocks down at: 2823 North Milwaukee Ave.

The trip costs about $4.50. If you’d like to see the full 53a bus schedule, click here. If you’d like to see a list of all the bus stops on the 53a South Pulaski Bus line, click here.

From the house you should give yourself a good 2 1/2 hours for traveling to Chicago Clerkships for the orientation. It’s about 1 hour 45 minutes by public transportation.

We can assist you in getting a Ventra Card to use for CTA bus and Metra train travel. The cards cost $5 to buy at local CVS pharmacy stores, Jewel Foods, and Walgreens stores. Ventra Cards work like credit card and you can top them up yourself online. The best deal they offer is a $100 monthly fee for unlimited rides on buses and trains anywhere in the Chicagoland area. Local trips to and from your physician’s office may incur a fare between $1-$2 each way. And trips into the city can cost between $4-$6 one way. So in the course of a month you may find the unlimited Ventra Card a good option. Local taxi rides cost $10 one way, and cabs from downtown are usually between $50 and $60 one way. You can use the Metra system to travel downtown, and to both O’Hare and Midway airport as well as most Chicago area tourist attractions and shopping centers.

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