Testimonials From Our IMG Homestay Chicago Guests

Testimonials From Our IMG Homestay Chicago Guests

Our home opened in April 2014. Since that time we have welcomed just a handful of IMGs to stay with us. The experience has been wonderful for us, our kids, and the doctors we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Our oldest boy is now considering becoming a doctor himself someday. And he believes he can, thanks to the encouragement of our IMG homestay Chicago guests. We love learning about and sharing with people from different cultures and religions. It gives our kids a wonderful perspective that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

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Here are some of our valued guests and friends:

Anu and Mohit from Chicago Clerkships

“We loved our Chicago area house. It has been a pleasure being a part of the Talty family. Chicago would not be the same without them. We liked having our own kitchen and loved our home away from home. The Taltys provided so much love to us, making our USA tour so wonderful. We will miss them all.”

Palani Kumar from Chicago Clerkships

“My home stay family was very helpful and even offered to do some shopping for me.

Anamika from Chicago Clerkships

“I loved the house. Staying with others at the house gave me company for traveling and studying. The Talty family was helpful and accommodating, too.”

Poerna from Chicago Clerkships

“Caryn & Noel Talty are just a super nice host, very friendly, accommodative and helpful. They live next door with their 4 adorable and smart boys and girl. Caryn is just a nice lady. She is willing to pick you up at the nearest station on the arrival, take you to grocery stores, drop you and pick you up at dr office nearby etc. I will strongly recommend this place to everybody who comes to Chicago.”