Affordable Short Term Rentals in Chicago for Medical Students

Affordable Short Term Rentals: 3rd and 4th year medical students on clinical rotations as well as international students assigned clinical observerships are welcome at our furnished rental property. Since 2014 we have housed medical students and graduates for their short term stay in the Chicago area. We’ve assisted our guests with transportation to and from the airport as needed, transportation to and from their clinical rotations as needed, and acclimating themselves to the area. Our guests enjoy staying in our affordable short term rentals, both in Oak Lawn and Blue Island IL. Each unit is equipped with amenities for our (…)

Book Single Occupancy Room in Lower Level Ensuite

Single Occupancy Room available for medical students and medical graduates in Chicago area. Students can rent this single occupancy room for their short term rotation or steps and enjoy a quiet place perfect for studying. Our single occupancy room is perfect for travelers on a budget who want added privacy of a private bathroom. This Lower Level Ensuite Room is fully furnished. It’s also near public transportation.

Medical Student Housing Chicago: Benefits of our Home Stay

We are your Medical Student Housing Chicago alternative. If you are looking for a homestay house that is uncluttered, clean, and pet free, Home4Docs is the perfect solution for your south Chicago area externship. In addition to offering a quiet place to study and live during your externship we also offer a home away from home feeling for all our guests. If you are new to the United States and looking for affordable housing and the comfort of having someone to rely on if needed, this is the perfect place for you. Our family is very friendly and we live (…)

Chicago Homestay Amenities for Home4Docs Guests

Some Chicago homestay amenities include offering meals for guests. Our home stay is set up differently.  You may be in a situation where you do not want to be reliant on someone else to know how to feed you. It’s hard to tell your host you don’t like their offerings. It’s hard to explain food restrictions, whether they are made for religious reasons or due to health needs. Although we would love to cook for our guests, it’s not practical for us.  We do offer other amenities and an open, fully stocked community kitchen that our guests take advantage of (…)