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Rent furnished room in Chicago with us! Welcome to Home4Docs, we are a host family that has been taking care of medical students since 2014! Learn more about us here. We are the perfect solution for medical students seeking to rent furnished room while fulfilling their required 4-10 week rotations. We accept American medical students and graduates as well as international medical students and graduates at this homestay.  Many of our guests stay a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 180 days.  We offer affordable monthly rates for our long term guests. Email us for more details.

When you Rent Furnished Room in Chicago with us you will get:

rent furnished room
We’ve been treating our guests like family since 2014.
  • A homestay house that is separate from the host’s house. We live next door to you 😉 .
  • 8 private rooms with roommates that are all students/ graduates in the medical field.
  • Two rooms have private ensuite (in the bedroom) bathrooms.
  • 2 Shared bathrooms with maximum of 2 other housemates.
  • Free wifi, and utilities are included in rental price.
  • Shared living room, kitchen, and dining area, place to study in groups.
  • Quiet house in residential family oriented neighborhood.
  • Free washing machines & dryers on the lower level and second level.
  • Ironing board and iron.
  • Bicycle with lock is free to use and share for all guests in the house.
  • When you book we offer a 28 page PDF welcome booklet that answers many FAQs international guests may have.
  • Guidance and support for international guests coming to the U.S. for the first time (We treat you like family).
  • Shuttle service available upon request to and from airport and to and from preceptor within a 5 mile radius.
  • Seasonal social events/ parties with our guests.

To reserve your room, we require you fill out a reservation request form to ensure availability.

Strict Guest Approval Process when You Rent Furnished Room with Us

international medical student renting furnished room in our chicago homestay.If you are not a medical student or medical graduate (either IMG or AMG) seeking a short or long term housing solution for your steps, externships, observerships, or residency, then you will not be approved to stay at our locations.

These rules are to ensure a quality experience for our homestay guests. Over the years we have had many inquiries for short and long term booking from various people who just didn’t meet our criteria. We’ve had inquiries from folks wanting to use the house for a wedding party, folks who wanted to come and bring their pets, and folks who wanted to use the house for a work related trip or while spending time at a conference in Chicago.  We’ve gotten requests from people of various professions over the years. Although these folks may make great guests they just don’t fit the criteria for the atmosphere we have created and our long-standing reputation. So if you don’t quite fit the bill but think you can convince us to make an exception just this once for you, we simply can’t.

All guests are required to get a personal approval by Caryn before they can book a room. We screen guests so that they understand what our expectations are as a host, what our guests need and expect, and whether their commute is appropriate from our location. This is a process that takes many conversations in some cases in order to determine if the candidate for the homestay is a good fit for our furnished rental rooms in Chicago.

Exclusive Chicago Homestay Experience for Medical Students

Neighborhood for your Chicago Externship.
Neighborhood for your Chicago Externship.

Why do we limit our guests to just medical students and medical graduates? We have been around since the spring of 2014 and we have built a reputation for being the place to book for students seeking a well rounded experience. Our guests love having the camaraderie of other doctors to share experiences, gain advice, and learn the ropes of the U.S. medical system. Our IMGs and AMGs have standard exams, various steps that they must go through in order to get board certified in the U.S. and match in a residency program. This is a process that takes years, networking, lots of travel, and much study.

We have proudly hosted doctors from nearly every continent. We’ve had doctors from Russia, Lithuania, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Nigeria, and of course, the U.S.A.!

After you are Approved to Rent Furnished Room

To reserve one of our furnished rental rooms we require a $50 non-refundable deposit. Home4Docs will send you the secure payment link through PayPal. On occasion we have had international guests who have had difficulty using PayPal from their home country. If you are an international student and are unable to use PayPal please let us know. We do not accept Western Union payments. Please inform Caryn which country you are traveling from and whether you have your visa when you email with your reservation request.

Security Deposit at our Chicago Rental Room Homestay

Since we’ve opened our doors, we have never needed to require a security deposit from our many guests who have chosen us. Our guests are very respectful, clean, and have done a great job of caring for our house, our furniture, our dishes, plates, bowls, pots, and appliances. Some rental places will require a $50 to $100 security deposit, refundable when you leave as long as you leave the place the way you found it. We have not found the need to require a security deposit from our guests, and won’t as long as our guests continue to be respectful of the property and it’s belongings.