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Unlike other home stay placements, our family homestay is quite unique. Our Home4Docs House is separate from our family house. Our guest physicians doing medical rotations through various clerkship programs or university placements stay in a separate location from our family. Guests can choose to either live next door to our family in a private home, or in a two bedroom apartment nearer to the CTA bus and train lines and convenient for travel in the City. We can accommodate up to 8 guests at one time in the house, each in their own room. We can accommodate up to 3 people in the two bedroom apartment. Our guests love being able to socialize with other medical students and graduates, as well as travel and tour the city with them as well.

About our Family

If you are a quiet person and like your privacy, there’s no worries. Our homestay offers you the perfect environment for study. And if you’re outgoing and you want to chat, our door is always open. We are available if you need something, and we want to make you feel right at home and part of our family. We understand what it’s like to travel to a foreign country or a new state and how stressful and uncertain visitors can be when they first arrive. Our home is a laid back, friendly house. We’ve got 4 kids and no pets. We’ve been married since 1999 and our three boys were born between 2003 and 2006. Our daughter was born in 2011.

The infamous Goliath!

We have three boys  The oldest boy in our family loves read about world history, and he has an interest in medicine. He also loves basketball and soccer. Our middle boy is into sports, sports, and sports. He is mad about Barcelona and will talk your ear off about FIFA. Our youngest fella is quite a comedian and has a great way of making everyone feel welcome. Be prepared to play a board game with him. Our little girl is a happy independent lady that isn’t the least bit shy. She loves to be helpful and will often accompany her mom to the house and say hi.

If you are into football, you’ll fit right in with our family. Noel is a native of Ireland and we follow both English Premier League and FIFA quite a bit. You’ll really get a taste of many cultures if you choose to stay with us.

Making Jack-O-Lanterns

We want you to really enjoy your stay, but we don’t want you to feel cramped either. Four kids can definitely make a lot of noise. It’s nice to be able to say goodbye and walk a few feet to the house next door when it’s time to study.

We are friendly and love to take our guests places and invite them for socials too. You are welcome to come carve Halloween pumpkins with us in October, have Thanksgiving Dinner with us in November, and celebrate Christmas with us in December. In the spring and summer we take our doctors to tourist attractions. We’ve gone to the zoo, to downtown, and even to the Great America roller coaster theme park.

If you choose our Home4Docs, you’ll get the best of both worlds. We can’t wait to meet you, invite you over to our house, and get to know you. Contact us today by online form or send an email to:

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