Chicago Homestay Amenities for Home4Docs Guests

Kitchen Use and Shopping Assistance

Chicago Homestay Amenities for Home4Docs Guests

Some Chicago homestay amenities include offering meals for guests. Our home stay is set up differently.  You may be in a situation where you do not want to be reliant on someone else to know how to feed you. It’s hard to tell your host you don’t like their offerings. It’s hard to explain food restrictions, whether they are made for religious reasons or due to health needs. Although we would love to cook for our guests, it’s not practical for us.  We do offer other amenities and an open, fully stocked community kitchen that our guests take advantage of and use to cook for themselves.

  • We have coffee pot and toaster.
  • We have gas range, oven, electric kettle.
  • We have all kinds of cookware available.
  • We have dining area and china cabinet for dishes.
  • Labeled refrigerator as part of our amenities
    Shelves are labeled in the refrigerator by room.
  • We have non perishable foods and condiments in a community cabinet.
  • We have two shared microwaves.

Chicago Homestay Amenities: Food Shopping Trips

Do you need a homestay and you will be visiting Chicago without a car? At Home4Docs we offer to bring you to the grocery store weekly to stock up on your favorite foods for no extra charge. We are sensitive to our guests preferences and their budgets so we offer opportunities to shop at various stores while they are staying with us. Shopping is nearby and within walking distance for those that do not want to be a burden on us. We also have a courtesy bicycle that some guests have used for their individual shopping trips as well. But if you desire assistance with traveling to and from our Chicago homestay for shopping we are happy to take you. Various stores are nearby such as: Target, Marianos, Aldi, Food 4 Less, and Jewel Foods.

Chicago Homestay Amenities: Stocked Kitchen

To help you get settled easily, our kitchen is stocked with with basic non-perishable foods for you to use during your one month stay. We have cabinets labeled “community” with various spices, dry foods, condiments, and coffee or tea. When you arrive at Home4Docs you will find ketchup, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, cooking oil, soy sauce, honey, lemon juice, and common spices in the cabinets.

Our refrigerator and our upper cabinets are labeled by room so that you have a designated space to keep your own food that you purchase at the store. Over the years various guests have developed camaraderie while living together and have sometimes cooked and shared meals together throughout the week. We also host dinner parties during the holiday season for guests who are staying with us and cannot visit family.

How to Reserve a Room

Please read about our booking policy and visit this link to fill out an online reservation request form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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