Chicago Step 2 CS Test Housing and Transportation Services

Need Chicago Step 2 Clinical Skills Test housing and transportation services? Book with us. We can accommodate you. We give all our current guests drop off and pick up services to the Chicago Step 2 CS test center at 8501 West Higgins Road in Chicago for a flat rate of $100 round trip. If your Chicago Step 2 Clinical Skills Test is scheduled in the same month as your Chicago area externship, it makes sense to book your month stay with us.

Chicago Step 2 Clinical Skills Test Services

The Chicago Step 2 Clinical Skills Test Center
The Chicago Step 2 Clinical Skills Test Center

Currently the Step 2 Clinical Skills Test can only be offered in 5 cities in the U.S. If you have been assigned to the Clinical Skills Evaluation Center in Chicago at 8501 West Higgins Road, on the 6th Floor, we can get you there. Hotels in the area can cost between $150 to $250 a night. Consider booking for a week with us at Home4Docs and arranging private transportation with us instead. You will have a quiet house to study in and will get a private chauffeured ride to the testing site. We know the roads, we have a clean, comfortable car. We will ease your mind.

If you only need pick up or drop off for your Chicago Step 2 Clinical Skills Test the rate is $60 one way.

Our house is located about 30 minutes south of the testing center and we can easily accommodate afternoon exam sessions.

We can drop you off at 2 pm and pick you up at 10:00 pm, saving you the hassle and expense of an expensive taxi cab ride. If you have a morning exam email or text us to verify availability.

IMGs Who Are Flying in to Chicago Just for the Step 2 Test

We offer a one week stay $250 package deal for IMG physicians who need housing and transportation to and from the STEP 2 Test. If you are interested in this service and booking a room for at least a week, call or text us. We’ll get you there on time, and you won’t have to worry about navigating public transportation.

Getting from the Airport to Our Homestay

We can help you with private pick up and drop off at the Airport for an additional fee, but you may find it more economical to take a chartered bus. Our home is very close to Midway Airport, and about 30 minutes from O’Hare. If you are traveling from either Midway or O’Hare you can take advantage of the convenient USA Coach shuttle bus service. The USA Coach Bus drops travelers off to the Crestwood station in our neighborhood hourly. Their current rate for O’Hare is $24 one way and $45 round trip. Their current rate for Midway is $19 one way and $35 round trip. We will pick up and drop off any guest of ours who travels using the USA Coach Bus to Crestwood free of charge.

When you book with us you stay in a quiet fully furnished house dedicated to physicians doing a clerkship or rotation in the Chicago area. You’ll have a quiet place to do your studies and prepare yourself for your exam. Don’t waist money on expensive hotel stay. Make yourself at home in a quiet house for as long as you need.

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